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NJ CAR Power Outage Update & Motor Vehicle Operations Courier Update: 10:30 AM

Nov 01, 2012

To: All NJ CAR Dealer MembersFrom: NJ CAR StaffDate: November 1, 2012RE: NJ CAR Power Outage Update & MV Operations Courier UpdateAs of today, NJ CAR’s Motor Vehicle Operations at 770 River Road has power but no phone service. Staff is being called in to work. Our Motor Vehicle Courier will be making as many pick ups as possible today, but there will be no drop-off of work. On Friday, November 2nd, the Motor Vehicle Courier will make off-schedule pick-ups for those who would normally have had their work picked up on Wednesday. Staff will process the work collected as soon as we are fully up and running.PSE&G has informed NJ CAR that our headquarters may not have its power restored until Monday or Tuesday of next week (November 5th or 6th). Even though staff is not able to currently report to headquarters, due to the wide-ranging impact of Hurricane Sandy, we want all dealers to know that we are available to help in any way we can during these unusual circumstances.While some NJ CAR staff members are still without power at their homes, some can access their work email from home and many can be reached via cell phone. If you have any questions, please contact Mark McAleer at mmcaleer@njcar.orgor Judi McGinley at They will forward your questions to the appropriate staff members.The NJ CAR website was done for several days this week and may be intermittent until power is restored to the entire State. However, we will continue to send email communications when we can, as any new information becomes available.