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Protect Your Dealership (As Best You Can) From Catalytic Convertor Thefts

Jan 26, 2022

Dealers may be aware of the rash of catalytic convertor thefts from streets, driveways and parking lots across the country over the last 18 months or so. Dealerships have not been spared from thieves looking to cash in on the precious metals (like platinum) used in the convertors.

Recently, a north Jersey dealership was victimized on two consecutive nights, with thieves making off with more than a dozen catalytic convertors. In this case, the thieves targeted customer vehicles that were at the dealership for repair. The dealership’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs, but the dealer is still on the hook for the deductible, not to mention the potential hit to customer satisfaction for individuals who are inconvenienced due to the theft.

Dealers should review the security policies, procedures and technology they have in place. If your dealership already has video surveillance, work with your vendor to ensure the system is in working order and covers all relevant areas of your dealership lot.

All dealers should do what they can to minimize their chance of being victimized by increasingly brazen thieves looking to steal catalytic convertors.