Our Team

NJ CAR Staff

Senior Staff


Jim Appleton

609.883.5056, x330

Executive Vice President

Judi McGinley

609.883.5056, x338

Director of NJ CAR Services & Workforce Development

Breanna Datello

609.883.5056, x309

Motor Vehicle, Director of DSP Division

Mary Lynn Edwards

609.883.6330, x102

Director of Accounting & Finance

Angelo Famiglietti, CPA

609.883.5056, x331

Director of Legal Affairs

Greyson Hannigan

609.883.5056, x340

Director of Communications

Brian Hughes

609.883.5056, x315

Director of Government Affairs

Magdalena Padilla

609.883.5056, x345

Director of Risk Management & Insurance

Charles Russo

609.883.5056, x314

Motor Vehicle, Director of MV Operations

Sue Sbarro

609.883.6330, x211

NJ CAR Academy

Judy Vann Karstadt

NJ CAR Headquarters Team

Executive Assistant to the Director of Accounting & Finance

Judy Amato

609.883.5056, x308

Coordinator of Member Services

Gail Caputi

609.883.5056, x348


Nicole D'Agostino

609.883.5056, x301

NJ CAR Services, Customer Services Rep

Elise Gonzalez

609.883.5056, x304

NJ CAR Services, Customer Services Rep

John Libby

609.883.5056, x334

NJ CAR Services, Customer Services Rep

Fran Nalbone

609.883.5056, x328

Dealer Member Liaison

Anne Smith

609.883.5056, x332

Communications Associate

Johanna Stubenhofer

609.883.5056, x335

NJ CAR Services, Field Sales Rep

Rich Trabilsy

609.883.5056, x327

Executive Assistant

Jenny Ward

609.883.5056, x305

NJ CAR Services, Field Sales Rep

Rich West

609.883.5056, x306

NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations Team

Motor Vehicle, Online Division Supervisor

Mechele Black

609.406.7344, x204

Motor Vehicle, DSP Coordinating Supervisor

Ed Carlor

609.883.6330 x203

Motor Vehicle, Online Systems Manager

Keith Harris

609.883.5056, x201

Motor Vehicle, Title Services Supervisor

Diana Kendall

609.883.6330, x114

Motor Vehicle, DSP Manager

Eileen Nuttall

609.883.6330, x101

Motor Vehicle, Title Services Manager

Derek Wilson

609.883.6330, x119